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Allerticon stands for allergen alerting icons. We created a universal set of icons to represent the 8 major food allergens officially recognized by the FDA.

In 2018, the project ranked first in the University of Toronto Startup Challenge and was inducted into TheHub accelerator.

Using visual, textual, and color-based cues, we created an extraordinarily simple and effective system to quickly identify foods that are safe and those that aren’t. No more flipping flaps and reading between the fine lines.

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Allerticon was designed as a multi-purpose solution for:

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Our Story

It all began when one of our team members lost a close family member due to careless food labeling at a wedding. The founding members met at the New York Academy of Sciences’ annual summit in New York City in 2017, where they decided to do something about this problem. Over the past few years, the team has expanded to include members from all across the world, and has reached many important milestones.

* Writing a research paper: The team spent over 50 hours writing a research paper to fully understand the problem and existing solutions. Through virtual collaboration over video call and chat, the research paper ended up being highly detailed at 50 pages long.

* Developing a pitch deck: The team created a highly-functional pitch deck to communicate the goals and vision of the project to potential collaborators and investors.

* Winning UofT's startup competition: We competed against tens of other startups to pitch Allerticon as a high-potential initiative. As winners, we were awarded $2500 and entry into TheHub Accelerator.

* Meeting with multinational companies and organizations: We had the opportunity to meet and talk to representatives of leading companies and organizations in food, labeling, and health industries. This helped propel us forward and gather support.

* Exhibiting at science conferences: We exhibited Allerticon and its potential at leading science conferences in countries all the way from the United States to Romania. Through this, we connected with important people and organizations that can help push the idea forward.

8 Allergens. 8 Icons. 1 Universal Labeling System.

We wanted to make our solution error-prone. That’s why we carefully used 3 different visual based cues to design our icons.

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Allerticon is a free and open-source movement towards a simplistic, powerful food labeling system. Reach out if you're interested in using Allerticon.

We are a group of global teenagers aspiring to save countless lives and millions of dollars by giving people the right to better information about food they consume.

Abdallah Sabah, Egypt
Arnav Hazra, India
Darius Filip, Romania/UK
Kingshuk Khan, USA
Kunal Abichandani, India/USA
Lacey Helen, Romania
Leela Jay, India/USA
Margaret Gates, USA
Muntasir Khaleque, USA
Priyana Khan, USA
Sila Tuncer, Turkey

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