Kunal Abichandani

Kunal Abichandani

CS + Design @ UPenn, VC @ Unshackled, entrepreneurship, soccer, impact



Designed and built a smart case that deploys an emergency protection mechanism when your phone is falling to prevent shattered screens.

Technologies: Arduino, SolidWorks


Developed and deployed an Android application to make studying easier for high school students. 1000+ downloads from 20+ countries, rated 4.5/5 on the Google Play Store

Technologies: Java (Android), XML

Vaels Vote

Designed and developed the student council polling tablet application for Vaels International School, a first for any school in Chennai. The app eliminated human error and increased efficiency by 300%, setting a school record for the fastest election.

Technologies: Java (Android), XML


Designed and deployed a redefined version of Open-Access Journals. Partnered with 5 global student organizations, hosted contests for an audience of 1500+ users from 10+ countries.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, WordPress

Other Popular Work
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