A Proposition for Yes Theory.

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Last week, I was laid off from my first job (after graduating from college this summer) at Meta just three months after starting it. While unexpected and saddening at first, I now view this as a blessing in disguise. Most of my life, I’ve chosen – and been encouraged to choose – paths that one could call comfortable. But deep down, I’ve always felt out of place and that I’m destined for something different; that I must carve my own, unique path. Yes Theory has been an important catalyst for my shifting mindset, and it would be the opportunity of a lifetime to volunteer my time and skills towards the Seek Discomfort mission as I embark on a journey to find what it is that I care about most. 🔭

What do I bring to the table?

Why am I doing this?

I want to be around people who embody the Seek Discomfort way of life on a daily basis. Meeting Ammar + the crew, and the random strangers I met who are now my friends, during the NYC scavenger hunt has made me more excited and motivated than I’ve been in a long time. I’d be grateful for an opportunity to be involved with Yes Theory in any function to witness and learn from the magical work y’all do from up close (without any expectation of compensation).